Get Real. Be Rational.

I keep hearing a word over and over in my daily life: “Really?”  People say it all the time- listen for it.
or sometimes in other versions “Seriously?!?”  So I’m now sensitive to hearing it- and that has got me thinking… 

Real1[reeuhl, reel]

1. unfeigned or sincere: real sympathy; a real friend.  2. being an actual thing; having objective existence; not imaginary: The events you will see in the film are real and not just made up. 

So we’ve got this obsession with asking people if they really mean what they are saying.  “Are you for real?!?”   Why?  I am going to jump to an assumption here that the reason for most of you is the same for me… because I am seeking to know what is real and what is a lie.   

We have reality television on because we are need to see what the REAL reactions that REAL people have (although I’m not sure those are the most realistic people- you get the idea.)  


The popularity for this form of television skyrocketed – and it makes sense.  Our world if filled with untruth.  Take your pick of a magazine cover and you won’t see much that is real- look up the trends for how much plastic surgery has increased and you’ll get the picture of people obsessed with looking like a mold instead of how they really look, sarcasm is our go to for daily conversation and it doesn’t surprise us anymore to be around people who create “drama” or lie out of a selfish desire for attention.  Our culture is filled with blame and a lack of taking responsibility for our actions and our sin. 

Is it any wonder that we react quickly when we come across people who are real?  Is it any wonder that we constantly question if things are real?  


I’ve found in my own life that I am drawn toward transparent people.  It is a quality I long to see in others, and I’m on a journey to become someone known to be transparent, honest, open and… real.   The thing that I am learning about transparent is that it has a basic requirement of humility.  Pride, arrogance, or a lack of understanding about oneself – convey a false perception of ourselves not a desire to reveal truth and honest love to others. 

The journey has required me to become more aware of myself, my feelings, reactions, desires and passions.  Being self aware is a HUGE part of being real.  It’s impossible to BE a person that you are not aware of.  

Join me on the journey- and feel free to leave a comment to start a conversation.


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