Life’s Waterfalls and God’s faithfulness

I love waterfalls.  I enjoy hiking to them as well as sitting and enjoying the cool mist, rushing sounds and beauty of such a simple part of creation.

Blue Hole Falls, Tray Mountain, GA

Waterfalls remind me sometimes of the journey we are on. From a simple start our path is often joined by other streams… we can go through seasons where we are caught up in the rush of so much going on, and as quickly as that comes…

High Shoals Falls | GA waterfall |

your path can break off from theirs into a whole new direction… maybe you’ll meet up again, maybe not– but the adventure continues just the same.  God has taken me on a few wild rides-  here and there have been waterfalls- falling over rocks and jagged edges I was not expecting to come across.  Looking back on those waterfalls remind me of God Faithfulness, because He was Always, Always, Always Faithful. Helton Creek FallsJust because we can not see the big picture that God is painting right now, doesn’t mean He isn’t faithful to us.  Our vision is limited. I’m so thankful that He gives me glimpses every now and then to see how faithful He has been in difficult seasons.

Then there are the quiet pools where He gives me a calm quiet time as He fills into me, preparing me for the path he will guide me down next.

It’s an abstract thought… my walk with the Lord being like a stream or at times a river, but for this country girl that is how I’m seeing His hand in my life today.


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