Culture vs Me | If enough time goes by & enough people are doing it, eventually, I’ll start thinking it’s OK too.

I have this great pair of Spandex workout pants. Got em at GAP. Love em.

I like them because: 1. I look great in them.  2. They’re super cute  3. They are great workout pants

This is the thing… never in my life have I worn just spandex as pants.  If you had asked me years ago- I’d have laughed & said something along the lines of: “Spandex are not clothes! It is what you wear under your clothes! Everyone knows this. Also: leggings… NOT pants, folks. I mean, what’s next? tights as pants!?! Are ballerina’s gonna start a trend?!”

A few years go by and all of a sudden, I wanna wear some Spandex pants.  “Jeggings” are now leggings to look like jean pants & people wear them like pants, and maybe tights will be next. Who knows.

Here is where I’m taking this…

If enough time goes by & enough people are doing it, eventually, I’ll start thinking it’s OK.  I am not immune to my culture. The World & those around me DO affect my thoughts, ideas, and moral compass.  Keeping my eyes set firmly on the LORD is how I hand over that compass daily (sometimes hourly.)

Work stuff builds up, and being around negative people can rub off & make me justify why I should “give them a piece of my mind.” Or when I want to side step something just a hair to avoid the prying eyes of a micro-manager & consider compromising my integrity ‘just a hair.’  Motive check for a sudden change in why I’m hanging out with this group tonight over my prior plans… the list goes on & on.  There is a constant battle to fight for my thoughts.  Who will transform them?  What will be the image that I choose to pattern after?  Will I choose to renew my thoughts & ask the Lord to transform me to His image?

Much love,

Spandex & running shorts


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