Tips for planning your Engagement Photos

Great tips on how to get great engagement photos | what to wear, bring to the shoot, and getting your best pictures

Southern & so in love. I just loved our photo shoot at the farm for our engagement photos. I remember spending a lot of time trying to make sure that photo shoot would be perfect because I prefer these photos over wedding day photos.
Here is my advice on preparing for your engagement photos.

1.  Bring props

Grab extra accessories (scarves, boots, earrings) and find some blankets, picnic baskets, hats, etc. You never know what will turn out fun on the photo shoot.

How to prep for engagement photos (1)

Bring props to your Engagement Photos Session | You never know what may be fun to use during a photo shoot. When in doubt, just bring it!

2. Use Pinterest to find your look

I spent hours on pinterest – looking at other engagement photos for ideas. I printed out 3 pages of my favorites and brought them to the photo shoot. Our photographer was thankful to see my taste in photos and we did several similar photos to what I had seen and liked. Bring picture ideas to your Engagement Photo session so your photographer can see your style.

3. Posting the photos

Your photographer will want to post some on their website or facebook page. I didn’t want all the comments and likes to be on their facebook page, so I disabled tagging. Once they sent me the actual photos (sans watermarks), I uploaded those to my facebook account.  This way I will always have all my friends comments to easily go back to, I can delete any I don’t like, etc.
However, you may still want to give the photographer props on facebook when you post the pictures. Put a link to their website in the comments so you can help spread their business.

post your engagement photos on facebook | that keeps the comments and likes on your page and your control

4. What to wear?

When picking out the clothing you will wear at your photo session, choose colors that compliment each other well. Also keep in mind what colors look best on YOU.  Red may be the latest thing, but if it isn’t best on you than you may not like your photos.

Tips and advice on making the best Engagement Photos you can have. What to do, not to do and advice on posting the finished pictures.

5. Funny Face

This may sound funny, but you want to practice your smile. Take 20 minutes in your mirror at home and try on different smiles. Notice any lines they make on your face. I always notice when people pull their head back in photos and get double chins. The camera will not show that you are sticking your head out a little, so go for it!  Do you squint in certain smiles? Practice opening your eyes. Does a soft smile show less gums? Practice it all. Get down your favorite face and have your best face on.

6. Represent

These should really represent what you two are like as a couple.  Do you like the outdoors? Are you goofy & fun?
Mix in elements of your personality to the shoot or your props. If you attended MomoCon, bring parts of your costumes…if you both just love action films, have a sword fight.

Think about where you should have your shoot based on what you love. If you’re outdoorsy, go somewhere outside.  If you are kinda nerdy, head to the library.

7. Costume change

These are going to last a long time and a session with a photographer is expensive. Feel free to bring a change of clothes to have more than one look to your photos.


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