“It’s MY body & none of your business”

A few years ago I heard a talk by Andy Stanley called “God and your Bod.”  In that talk I heard a thought that I had never had before about why we need to take care of our bodies.  When you decide to eat whatever you want and not take care of yourself, you are forcing your loved ones to care for you in the future!   The better you take care of yourself, the longer you’ll live and be able to care for yourself.

To think that we can do whatever we want and have no consequences is very unwise.  When we tell ourselves “It’s nobody else’s business” or “It’s MY body” we are not understanding that our private decisions have public consequences.

Health - if you don't take care of yourself, you force your family or loved ones to care for you later | Start healthy habits! | @VeryValerie blog of inspiration

In case you have not heard of Trim Healthy Mama… people who have always had trouble losing weight are shredding lbs on this diet!  I’ll be posting plenty of handy graphics on the blog, starting with this one! Print it and keep it with you when shopping at the grocery store.  Ingredients to avoid:

THM Trim Healthy Mama - ingredients to avoid | graphic for your fridge or keep for grocery store trips | Do not eat these! | Healthy eating | Diets | loose the pounds | S meals | E meals |

I have had great success with workout plans when I had a daily check off sheet.  I created one that you can print off and use yourself.  Visit the “Anytime Workout Printable” post and print off your favorite one!  Make a fitness goal and start making healthy changes for your life.


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