Valentines Day is a made up day…

Before any of us start ranting about how much we hate Valentines day, lets ask ourselves why we hate it.  

Do we hate it because we are not the one receiving roses and love letters? Do we hate it for self-centered reasons?  I am not so sure that is what this day is all about. 

Lets change it all! Today will forevermore be a day, reminding us to love others well.  We will let it open our hearts up – showing others love, serving, honoring, being an example of radiating love in all circumstances. 

Valentines Day means to me | Is Valentines a made up day? | I will be a Light of Love

Valentines day isn't about you. It's about showing love. Being a light of love. | I'll stop the world and melt with you.


Love you a Latte Valentines coffee humor office | gift to husband on his desk for Feb 14


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