Prayer circle baby shower

I’m so thankful to have a small group that loves prayer. This amazing group of women are bold with their faith and show their deep love for one another. I’m blessed to call them friends and today I was again blessed as we welcome a new member to our sweet group.

A baby shower centered around prayer | praying over mom and unborn child at the shower and writing out prayers | blog from VeryValerie When one of my dearest friends found out she was pregnant, a few months after getting married – it was quite a surprise. The doctor had just told her that it would be unlikely that she would have children. Her and her husband prayed a big prayer, asked God to show them His will and shared their hearts desire for a child.

So this afternoon I was blessed to attend the baby shower of this sweet girl and hear her request for us to pray over her and ask God to give them a daughter who loves prayer. It was a blessing to be there, circled around her and praying for her daughter. Prayers that she would be a woman of prayer, that those who meet her would see joy in her and it would fill them with the same, that she would always walk with God. It was beautiful.

Prayer in confidence to God | 1 John 5 Pray | flowers baby shower

Each of us took a moment and wrote a prayer for baby Annabelle. We put them in a box for her parents to read over her and give to her.  This child will have a visible reminder that she has truly been prayed for even before she was born. She was thought of, cared for and given to the care of the Lord.

Write on your mirror a reminder to pray, put a sticky note in your car and by your bedside table. Begin to talk to God and start telling Him your heart, ask Him for wisdom and guidance in your daily life. Pray circles around those you love. Pray circles around your family. Pray for those who are not yet here and don’t be afraid to pray over them. It’s an incredible blessing to pray for others when they need it and it takes boldness & courage to start.

Pray circles around those you love. Pray outload for friends and family. Ask if you can pray for them. It's a blessing!

If you need some information on where to start try the book: Praying Circles around your Children.


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