Stand Up or Stand By

Cause: Ending Slavery

There are many causes. You don’t have to get behind all of them, but get behind something. Use your voice & your influence to support something greater than yourself.

If you are known for one thing that you are passionate about, that passion will translate to others.  Become knowledgable on that subject so you can share facts and ways to get involved.  Often it is money that organizations need more than anything to continue helping…so choose one great organization to focus your resources!

One that I am very passionate about is the END IT MOVEMENT. This organization is bringing awareness to modern day SLAVERY.  Thats right- it is not a thing of the past. 27 million people are estimated to be enslaved TODAY. Human trafficking was reported in all 50 states last year!

Action: Give

There is a real need for donations. Many organizations have people already in place at boarder homes, & people who have already built relationships with people who need help getting out. Can you imagine working for an organization and knowing that you can help someone get out of bondage, but you lack the financial resources to help them!?!  Visit the website for She Is Safe, who work to prevent, rescue and restore women and girls from abuse and exploitation in high risk places around the world, equipping them to build a life of freedom, faith and a strong future. Consider setting up automatic monthly donations, so that they know they can count on the money coming in from you.

She is Safe also has information on creating an advocacy group. Advocates are dedicated. They commit to spending time speaking up for those who don’t have a voice. They pray for those trapped in bodage and tell others about the abuse, oppression and darkness that people are trapped in.

Did you know that of the 27 million that are slaves in the world today, 80% are women!

In China, prostitution is almost a way of life. Very different from here in America. It is part of the culture. No little girl dreams of being sold for her body. They are coerced into this life, drugged into it, beaten, forced… some friends of mine have a heart for these women and started a ministry to build relationships with these women and help them into jobs to get them out.  It’s called Red Light Outreach & it’s in the heart of the country. You can email them at: 

Action: Prayer

People working as slaves to create nice thing for others to own, or being sold into the sex industry is not how God intended us to live.  God loves for us to have nice things. God created sex as a beautiful part of marriage. Evil has perverted these things and twisted them into something dark and vile.
We can fight against the darkness by speaking up!  Speaking up as advocates to spread awareness and also speaking up to God in prayer.


I want us to all Stand UP and stop stand by. It will require that you are BOLD.  That you choose to learn more.
I know that for me, it’s easier when I make a commitment to myself – Print this pledge and sign your name at the top. Put a red X on your hand and be ready with facts when people ask you about it.

Pledge card to be in it to end it | #EndItMovement | printable | 27 million slaves in the world TODAY! Stand up for them. February 27th we want to collectively raise our voices to bring awareness to this worldwide evil.
It is estimated that 27 million people are in slavery. 80% of those are women. 200,000 are IN the United States!

Awareness isn't everything | Need it to end Slavery | #EndItMovement  |

Visit the EndItMovement website
Take Action:

VeryValerie is in it to END IT | END Modern day slavery! | Put a red X on your hand and use social media on February 27th to speak up for 27 million slaves worldwide  Put a red X on your hand. When people will ask what it stands for…TELL THEM 🙂
You can STAND UP and be a voice for millions who need you.

Awareness isn't everything | #EndItMovement | Use your voice for those with no voice | Slavery still exists | Stand Up for the cause

Don’t stand by. Use your voice for the 27 million with no voice. We will be BOLD. We will STAND UP. Silence is not an option. #EndItMovement


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