Love to Laugh

Laughter is important. Are you laughing enough?

I love to laugh. Do you remember the scene in Mary Poppins where they all laugh so hard that they float to the top of the ceiling and just crack up together?  Some of my favorite moments in life were spent laughing so hard that tears streamed down my face.  There is something so wonderful about laughter.  I especially love seeing others laugh. It’s hard to not at least smile when someone gets so tickled by something that they start to giggle…

Laughter is important in our friendships & in our marriages.  God intended us to have fun & enjoy one another.  Laughter breaks tension & begins to get us talking again during tough times.  We enjoy being around people who make us laugh…so lets be people who laugh, people who bring smiles and joy to others!

With all the junk that gets put on TV and fills up our newsfeeds, it’s nice to take a break from all that and just spend some times laughing with friends or family. Learn the things that make your loved ones laugh & bring that joy whenever possible.

I just want to spend the rest of my laugh laughing with you | sweet quotes | thoughtful | Marriage | love | happy

I just want to spend the rest of my life laughing with you!  You can correct peoples typos & grammar OR you can have friends. | Quote | Humor graphic | lol |

You can point out typo’s and bad grammar… or you can make people laugh. 🙂

How do you feel when there is no coffee - Depresso | humor lol | funny Espresso |  

How do you feel when there is no coffee? A: Depresso.

Your crazy is showing might want to tuck that back in | Humor quote | funny stuff | lol |   

My sweet husband loves Bull Dogs. Absolutely loves them. And they make him laugh when he sees them ( I don’t get why they are so funny, but he does.) Sometimes I will pull up Pinterest and search for bulldogs with him for 15-20 minutes so we can laugh together at the fun pictures.  I enjoy it because he is enjoying it.  That is one of the beautiful things about laughter.

bulldogs Dogs and Laughter | Kurt favorite |

Sometimes Sweet is also funny. Dogs make me laugh and say “Awe” at the same time. Kids names | Stacy Luke Nania Sparta | child humor lol | hilarious joke |

I will have 4 children. Stacy, Luke, Nania & Sparta. Sooo Funny!

Hello ladies, you are now reading this in my voice | I totally AM!  Hilarious Old spice guy | lol funny |

The Old Spice guy called it right- I’m reading this in his voice and laughing at myself. The power of humor in making commercials memorable.

SOuthern Hospitality | Map of USA with the states who open doors humor | haha lol funny |  Map of USA with highlighted southern area…this is where people actually open doors.

Yes I'm eating my feelings and they taste delicious | humor quote funny | silly joke lol | love to laugh Fat Tuesday | What Did you just call me? | Humor Lol | haha, That's funny | Healthy eating Fitness |

Those are all things that make me laugh.  What makes you laugh?  What ideas do you have for making others laugh?


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