A better office environment starts with YOU

We know how important it is to recognize employees, but it’s tough when we don’t know much about them. Many people want to work in a better office culture, but they don’t know how to start. Hopefully, we will have many more ideas for you in the future (so subscribe to the blog!) For now I want to impress on you the most important thing – A BETTER OFFICE ENVIRONMENT STARTS WITH YOU.

A better office culture starts with YOU | free printables and ideas for employee engagement | know your coworkers |

You’ve got to take initiative and begin building that awesome culture. Encourage others. Tell people “good job!”  Offer help and keep a smile on your face even when things are stressful. Grab coffee for those below you and above you. A servant heart will go a long way to make work life more positive.


Get to know your office team a little better with this fun free printable. Have each team member fill it out and then you’ll have all you need to do personalized employee gifts and build great engagement with your employees!  

Fun free form to print to learn more about your office team and recognize birthdays favorites and more Engagement

Once each team member fills out the form, you can keep the file handy for birthday and anniversary gift ideas. It is also helpful to have for personalized and thoughtful gifts throughout the year as bonuses, thank you’s, appreciate going the extra mile or working late presents or just random encouragement.

Thoughtful gifts are the best and for those bosses who lack creativity, this form will be helpful.  

Be sure to check out the blog post on Employee Encouragement ideas for general engagement ideas to support your awesome business. It is full of free printable ideas that just scream “Go team!” and “Good Job.”  You’ll love the humor and fun.

Here is one more version of the free form that is a little less Superhero themed.

free printable for getting to know your office coworkers | employee engagement | gift and bonus ideas | Encourage office


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