Barnsley Gardens Resort Review

If you are looking for a romantic getaway in Georgia, or a fun trip for the whole family – check out my review of Barnsley Gardens Resort.

What an amazing trip to Barnsley Gardens this weekend.  It has been my goal to begin to do short reviews of the many places we travel to. Show all the tips and tricks we find at each location and give you a chance to leave a few tips of your own!

Barnsley Gardens was a lovely resort. The thing that impressed me the most waere the consistent little surprises. Everything was so well thought out and the staff was incredibly friendly and helpful.

Barnsley Gardens Resort | historic home | Ruins | entry way | view of gardens

The property has beautiful gardens and the old historic home that is now in ruins has been turned into a beautiful event space.  When weddings are not going on, you are free to roam around the entire home and gardens.  Most people take golf carts around or enjoy walking the trails.  The golf course is beautiful and looked fairly well maintained (I did not golf on the trip).

There are several areas to grab a chair and visit with friends. In the evening they light each fire pit and s’mores are available for children and kids at heart.

Barnsley Gardens Resort | fire pit | grounds |

Fire Pits are located around the grounds. They pass out s’mores in the evening for those looking for a treat.

Reservations and rooms:

They do stay fairly booked, so this is not a vacation you will want to plan last minute. The resort is also not inexpensive – most rooms are $350+ per night. They have packages, but keep in mind that breakfast at the Woodland Grill ranges from $12-$20. The restaurant is located conveniently on the property for all guests, but you will want to make sure you have reservations since they book up.  Our stay was at one of the cottages. Each home on the property is unique. Most have 2 suites per cottage, each with their own entry way. You have a small patio, the entryway leads into a small livingroom with a fireplace, dining table for 2, sofabed (more on that later). There is a bedroom off a short hall that has a separate bath from the toilet room. Our cottage had both a standing shower as well as an old fashioned footed tub. They provide lavender mint scented bath supplies including: bubble bath, lotion, shampoo, & conditioner.


Barnsley Gardens Resort | registration building

Registration building is welcoming and has little surprise treats like wine tastings, s’mores, & more.


Barnsley Gardens Resort review| blog | breakfast at the grill restaurant | brulee

Breakfast on the patio at the Woodland Grill offers a beautiful view of the golf course.

French Toast breakfast at Woodlands Grill

French Toast breakfast at Woodlands Grill










The breakfast food was good at the Woodlands Grill. I would give it a 4 out of 5 stars. They have some wonderful smoothies and excellent coffee. Prices range from $12-$20 for breakfast ($20 would be for the weekend breakfast buffet – if they have it).  Dinners at the Woodland grill are much more expensive and the food changes.  Be sure to make reservations or you may not be eating.
They have a beer garden on the property that has lighter foods and snacks. It is an outdoor grill with a large firepit and picnic tables.

Barnsley Gardens Resort | grill out | weekend breakfast | cowboy cooking on open fire pit |

The Beer garden at Barnsley Resort came with a cowboy cooking our meal.

The Cottage rooms:

We loved our little cottage and were able to fit 4 in the cottage. The 2 children stayed on the sofa bed and adults in the King size bed in the master.  The sofa bed was terrible. Our girls couldn’t sleep on it at all because the mattress was so cheap and the springs dug right into them. The resort did bring us a few comforters to try, but we ended up having to drive to Rome to buy a pad for it so they could sleep.  I would not recommend counting on that sofa-bed.

If you are planning a wedding, keep in mind that 4 people in the small cottages does not offer much room to put all of your things away. We were not here for a wedding, and stuff was everywhere. Not much room for hanging things in the 1 armoire (they installed for a closet).  There was one tall chest of drawers available to put things away. Just keep that in mind if you will have a room full of women for a wedding.

The service was wonderful and consistent. Our room was often cleaned while we were out enjoying the grounds and small touches like chocolates on our pillows and plenty of the lavender mint lotion/shampoo/conditioner left our room smelling lovely.

Barnsley Gardens Resort review | bath old style tub | bathroom design | footed bathtub

View of our bath with footed tub.

Barnsley Gardens Resort review | view of closet and bedroom

View of armoire closet and bedroom at a cottage.

















 Activities at Barnsley Gardens:

After 4 days at the resort we still were not board. There are plenty of things for the whole family.  One of the things I felt like they did best were the small surprises each day.  For example: I casually strolled into registration and discovered a wine tasting with fine cheeses complete with the Barnsley Gardens “Wine Snob” who was a pleasure to talk to. The children quickly discovered that once the fire pits are lit each night that s’mores are available for them to enjoy.  You’ll discover hidden swings in trees or hammocks to relax in. These little surprises were wonderful.

Additionally, they have lawn games available. These are all “first come, first serve” but we found that they were almost always available when we wanted to play.

Yard games - Horse Shoes

Yard games – Horse Shoes

Barnsley Gardens Resort | cornhole game | family fun | yard game


Barnsley Gardens Resort | family fun | yard games | Bocce Ball

Bocce ball court








Hammock for relaxing and pretty flowers

Hammock for relaxing and pretty flowers


There are endless trails to explore at Barnsley Gardens.  Many take their golf carts on the trails and some enjoy riding horses on the trails (horses are extra charge).  Unfortunately the carts have damaged the trails and if there is any rain the day before you can hardly run on them unless you are fine running through large mud puddles.  Also, the carts would get stuck with the size of some of the mud puddles – so rain does eliminate enjoying the trails.  If it is clear, they are beautiful and not to be missed.

Running trails were ruined by carts for running.

Running trails were ruined by carts for running.

Barnsley Gardens Resort | golf cart trail | Beautiful picture |

A golf cart road along a long pond.

Running trail lead me to this spot with rowing boats

Running trail lead me to this spot with rowing boats

Bees from the hive

Bees from the hive











They do have a beautiful golf course. I would highly recommend calling and speaking with them about availability on the golf course and current prices.

Adorable golf shop at Barnsley Gardens

Adorable golf shop at Barnsley Gardens

Golfing at Barnsley

Golfing at Barnsley













Agricultural Gardens & Horse Barn

They have a few small agricultural gardens to explore and a bee hive on the property.  The landscape is lush and green everywhere you look. They do a fantastic job maintaining the property and keep it very green.

Bee Hives

Bee Hives

The Horse Barn

The Horse Barn












Historic Home

The gardens around the historic home that is now in ruins are exquisite. Of course, the old Barnsley home is now used as an event space for weddings. When an event is not going on you will love touring the home and enjoying the beauty this home holds even as grass grows between it’s bricks.

View of the historic home from the gardens

View of the historic home from the gardens

Barnsley Gardens Resort Patio of Ruins historic home | tree and lights give old and new look | blog on my stay Review

What was once a sun room is now a beautiful patio in the old historic home.

Barnsley Gardens Resort Historic home | Ruins and gardens | Old and new

View of left side of the historic home


Garden Maze leading up to Ruins

Garden Maze leading up to Ruins

Window from within the ruins looking out onto gardens

Window from within the ruins looking out onto gardens


The Fairy Godmother:

I would be remiss to leave off what a wonderful addition it was to have our very own fairy godmother at the resort. This is an additional cost, but our host was kind enough to add in this fun surprise each day.  Every evening the fairy godmother would bring us a gift and a note to let us know what our activity would be the next day.  One day she brought us a gift package from the spa and our note informed us that we had an appointment for mani/pedi’s the next day. Another day brought a gift for the girls of pool toys that they were to enjoy the next day at the pool.  It was such a fun treat for us to experience each day.

You can book her to help plan a proposal and she will do all the prep work for you so that as you take a walk you stumble upon a picnic basket with champagne, candles and a perfectly hidden diamond ring… the ways you can use the fairy godmother are endless. She is a delight.


Barnsley Gardens Swans in the pond at the resort


The spa was wonderful and I hope you try a massage while you are there.  The girls got mani/pedi’s and were very disappointed with the quality, but the facial was wonderful.   In general, I find that you don’t get good manicures at spa’s – so I don’t think this reflects on their spa overall.


Be on the lookout for my next review!  I’ll be reviewing a trip to Callaway Gardens in Georgia.



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