Grocery savings – Ibotta App

Here is my review of the Ibotta App. Check out the bottom blog with my 7 tips for saving money on groceries!

Want to download Ibotta and try it?  Use this link:  (Referral code: 4dzmg)

There are new apps to save money on groceries coming out all the time. One that I’ve used is Ibotta. I’ve made about $200 in the last year or so using this app that is more rebate than coupons, but is it worth it? It is incredibly time consuming to use.

Ibotta helps you save money on groceries | time consuming though. Ibotta requires that you:
1. Check app for items that you use – scroll through your grocery store and select the items you use.
2. Do actions to earn the coupon (watching videos, posting on social media, etc)
3. Once you buy the items you must scan each item and then take photos of your receipt.

Rebates for each item are around .50 for most items. That is a lot of time for just .50. Especially now that they are making you watch 2 minute videos to “earn” the .50.
So, how did I make $200? Not much of the money that I’ve made has been through groceries. I earn $5 for every person I get to download the app – and they get a bonus for downloading and trying it. Since I manage large facebook accounts, I put my custom link up a long time ago and earned money as the app was gaining popularity.

My overall recommendation: try it and see if you think it is too much work or if it’s worth it to you. Keep track of your time! If you are spending too much time for the savings, then stop using it.

Your time is valuable too.

UPDATE 12/2014:  I’ve had some major issues with this app now that I’ve used it for a while.  Bar codes that do not scan (so you buy the product and then can’t get your rebate) – and HORRIBLE customer service. Bad enough that I filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau.  Some of the rebates and “bonus” they post have falsely leading wording.  When reported to their customer service, the rep either didn’t care or didn’t have the power to fix it.
The bar codes not scanning are equally frustrating. It is very difficult to find answers on their website and you can not find it at all in the app. Turns out that they do not load all the correct UPC labels into the system, and wait on the customers to do their job for them. I do not recommend this app. Your time is more valuable than the work to do this.

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Want to know a few of my favorite ways to save on groceries?

Grocery savings at store | tips for savings | digital coupons |Tip 1: Once a week, go download digital coupons and load them to your account for Publix and Kroger.

Tip 2: Order coupons from The Coupon Clippers.
You’ll save time clipping coupons, buying newspapers, etc. Just order them and save!

Tip 3: Print from and other websites.

Tip 4: Check out SouthernSavers for a list of savings for the week at your grocery store.

Tip 5: Stock up on good savings.
When there is a sale on something you know you’ll use all year – stock up!

Tip 6: Use those coupons that the store prints out for you | often those have hard-to-find savings on fruits and veggies.

Tip 7: Use rebates from apps. There are many out there now!


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