A run for smiles, for hope, for Kenya

fundraising goal of helping 10 AIDS patients in Kenya

I’m excited about the start and excited to share with you what the Lord laid on my heart on this first run: orphans.

Jesus spoke about caring for orphans and it was clear to see that He had a deep love for them.  As I prayed for orphans around the world I thought about the fear that parents with AIDS must feel for their children.

Will you pray for these orphans today as well?  

  If you feel lead to give to Care for Aids, I’d love you to donate here.


I started my day with a short run and couldn’t help but think of myself far from the gym I was running in… my daydream took me to Kenya. Not the faces of wild animals on safari’s, but the faces of people in need, faces of children and parents – people not too unlike me, but going through challenging illnesses that I can’t fully imagine. AIDS.

My heart was heavy as I ran. Heavy but hopeful.

I came into the office and soon received an encouraging email that an anonymous donation of $200 came through this fundraising page.  I didn’t even see the 200 number nearly as much as the 8.

8 is the number of people this donation will benefit.  8smiles.  8 families.  8 beautiful Kenyans.

My heart is still heavy, but swelling with hope now.  Thank you for donating.
Join the team to help 10 Kenyans  struggling with AIDS | fundraiser page | support | together









If you can’t donate, would you consider sharing this link on social media & let others know about Care for Aids and the hope they are bringing? http://runningteam.careforaids.org/valerie-uhlir


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