Free perks on Tax Day! Cheers!

The day has come to pay Uncle Sam, pay the piper, cough it up.
Did you know that there are a few perks to April 15th? It’s true and I’ve listed them here for you, because I love you.

Eat for Free:

Blog with freebie list for tax day  VeryValerie Start the day with a free drip coffee at Whole Foods. Maybe the caffeine will help you hurry up and file before the Post Office line gets crazy. (check your local store on this one).

Get a free sandwich (with purchase of chips and drink ) at Schlotzskys Deli.

Sonic DriveIn will serve up a cheeseburger for half price on Tax Day.

Sonny’s BBQ has an Irresistible Ribs Special (IRS) at all locations on Tax Day. Half off!

The Great American Cookie Co will sweeten the deals with a free sugar cookie.

List of freebies for 4/15 Tax Day | VeryValerie Blog Sing for your Supper at Hard Rock Cafe & you’ll get a burger on the house. Details here. You do have to actually sing though.

Boston Market want’s you to share your sorrows with a friend. Check out their BUY ONE GET ONE deal! [Limit 3 per visit, no coupon required]

Pizza Hut is trying something called In theory, you could win a gift card for free Pizza.

Fill your yogurt cup anyway you like it for $4.15 at Orange Leaf Yogurt on 4/15.


Marriott wants you to relax after a stressful tax day, so they have a cool 25% off deal. Details here.

Royal Caribbean wants to pay your taxes! Your taxes on a cruise, that is… details for up to $200 tax deal are HERE.

When you’re ready to shred all of your documents from 2014, you can take this coupon to Office Depot or this one to Staples.

Tax day freebies| April 15th | Perks to paying Uncle Sam

Can I also leave you with some good news?  Only 2% of individual returns are audited.  Also, they understand that real people make mistakes sometimes (“tax evasion” sounds so scary…but there is a difference between flat-out-lying and oops-I-messed-up and the IRS knows the difference). So don’t get yourself too worked up today.

If I missed a freebie…for-Petes-sake, put it in the comments! 

A list of 2015 freebies for Tax Day 4/15 | VeryValerie Blog


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