Make Mom’s Day

6 ways to become a great gift giver | love language | present


It is time to start figuring out what to get Mom for Mothers Day.  While you are at it, check in with your Dad and see if you can go ahead and order something perfect for him too. If gift giving is a challenge for you, let me share the tips I’ve learned after years of watching my mom [a gift giving expert] work her magic. Thoughtful gifts make people feel so good because they know you care. For some people it is a primary love language.



Here is my solution for getting the perfect gift:

1. Plan ahead. 
Mark your google calendar a few weeks ahead of the big birthday’s and events like Mothers day so you have plenty of warning before you need a gift.

2. Take notes year round. 
When your spouse, mom, brother, sister, dad, or kid make a comment about needing something or wanting something – have  a place you add that note.  Some of the most thoughtful gifts happen just by paying attention. A gift becomes incredibly more thoughtful when you get the perfect thing from paying attention to their needs. They will feel truly cared for and doted on.

3. Hint/ Ask
If your note list is dry, you may want to try hinting.  Casually bringing up a conversation about cool gadgets you’ve seen and ask “have you seen any neat gadgets lately?”  Or talk about your favorite place to eat and then ask, “what are your favorite spots in town to eat?”
Straight up questions about favorite candy, flowers, stores/brands, music artists, movies, favorite brand of wine, etc. (Make note of these things when you ask!)

4. Pinterest or a Wish List 
Stalk your loved ones.  Check out what they’ve pinned on pinterest for ideas into what they want. If you are seeing a lot of home decoration ideas, you could get a gift card to a home improvement store or furniture store.  If you see something specific, you can order it online and have it ready for them. This is the one kind of stalking that no one minds, because you are doing it purely for THEIR benefit with their best interest at heart.
Websites like have wish lists set up. You can search for a persons name to see if they have a public wish list.

5. What NOT to give as a gift:
Whatever you do – don’t give a gift that you want for the person. That is not a gift for them (it’s making it all about you), and it will be pretty obvious.
Examples of this are giving a book for a lesson you are hoping they learn (How to be humble, Cook better for your spouse, Give mom more massages). Another example would be regifting something that you just want to get rid of – if the recipient has never expressed an interest in wanting the item, you may as well keep the item because you risk making them feel pretty unknown by giving them something they don’t want.
Jewelry and perfume tend to be very difficult to buy for others- avoid these unless you know EXACTLY what they want. Just because YOU like it, doesn’t mean they will.

If all else fails, give a gift coupon to a loved one. 6. If all else fails – here are a few thoughtful ideas: 
Flowers – hard to go wrong with flowers and a nice card.
Time – give the gift of babysitting, helping with a tough chore, making dinner, or taking mom to dinner.
Experiences/Events – movie theater tickets, tickets to a local play, cooking or art classes

If you really don’t know what to give them, get a card and write a note that expresses what they mean to you – or a memory about a great time with them. Thoughtless gifts can do more harm than good.



What are the most memorable gifts that you’ve ever been given? 



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