Help on your 1st Whole30 Journey

Recipes at the end of the post!

Last January I started my first Whole30. I’ve never been much of a “dieter” and even after reading the Whole30 book, I didn’t fully believe the hype.  After 30 days (January 1, 2015- January 30th) I became a full believer. I could not deny how much energy I had!  I honestly craved vegetables and had no desire for many of the bad (sugar filled) foods that I would previously crave.  In fact, I didn’t even realize how significant my cravings were until the end of my whole30.

“After 30 days…I could not deny how much energy I had!”

When to start Whole 30:
January is the perfect time to start Whole30. Not only is it perfect since we tend to want to do resolutions in January, but others are doing them as well which encourages us to stick with our commitment. Additionally, there are less excuses to jump off the plan – since we tend to hibernate more in January than other times of the year. Make no mistake, there are NO EXCEPTIONS to your Whole30 commitment, and with good reason! If you go off plan, you start over at day 1.  November and December may be the most difficult times to start since there are many parties, family holidays and dinners out with friends.( It would be difficult to say no then, but it would also be a blessing to miss all those extra holiday calories if you did say no!)  With all that said, it is now a year later and I’m doing my second Whole30 all January (and maybe longer!).

“But I can’t go without ____”
The thing I was most concerned about was giving up my coffee creamer. By the end of the 30 days, I didn’t even want it anymore – I liked the coconut milk in my coffee… and now, over a year later, I still do not need sweetener in my coffee!

Grumpy, Sleepy, Dopey, Happy: They have a day-by-day guide for what you may feel emotionally as your body goes through sugar withdrawal. It was amazingly correct for me! I highly suggest checking it out.  I decided to go about 35 days and now I wish I had gone longer. Also, I added things back into my diet one at a time (dairy, grains, sugar, etc) – so I could see how my body responded.

Non-scale success. While I did loose a surprising amount of weight, it is also good to realize success that didn’t happen on the scale. Like how much your energy increases, you end up sleeping better, or pain in your body that is gone. Those are incredibly important too!

The FOOD: my favorite Whole 30 recipes
I found many wonderful recipes online when I did my first Whole30. Pinterest is a gold mine.  Below, you’ll find many of my favorites that I still love to make. I hope you enjoy!

Thai Coconut Soup- Whole30

Tomato Basil Soup – Whole30

Truffle chicken salad – Whole30

Taco’s – Whole30

Breakfast Peppers – Whole30

Beets and Carrots- Whole30

Baked Apple

Shrimp Primavera- Whole30

Taco Bowls- Whole30 – great option when you’re craving Mexican food on Whole30.

Curry cauliflower soup- Whole30 – a thick flavorful soup

I will add more recipes throughout this January. Keep in mind that simplicity works just as well. A large bag of power greens, some roasted garlic on top of chicken and side of beets or sweet potatoes is easy and delicious.

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WHOLE 30 fav


3 thoughts on “Help on your 1st Whole30 Journey

  1. In your recipe for Taco’ have in the directions to add salsa, yet in the ingredients there isn’t anything telling us about salsa. All it says is Rotel..and what is Rotel? Could you clarify, please? Thank you so much. Your recipes sound wonderful.

    • Hey Lyn, Rotel can be found in the canned vegetable area of your grocery store. I’m glad you like the recipes. The tacos are one of my husband’s favorite meals.

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