Free printable cleaning checklist for home

Put a reminder in your home for what is left to be cleaned, so that the tasks to get forgotten are finished (and to give everyone a chance to participate!)

Print these themed cleaning calendars and then frame them somewhere central.  Use a dry erase marker to check off completed tasks and put the initial of the person who completed the task – this allows a reminder to say THANK YOU to family members helping around the house.  It also offers a friendly reminder to family members or roommates who may not have that gene for getting things done around the house.

Each month is themed for a holiday in that month or to give inspiration around other big tasks you may want to take on around the house!

free monthly checklist for family cleaning home,, easter theme

August printable cleaning checklist, free print, veryvalerie.comPrint these free cleaning checklists at Monthly cleaning calendars at, Free printable, themed


 January Clean Checklist

February Cleaning Checklist

March Cleaning Checklist

April Cleaning Checklist

May Cleaning Checklist

June Cleaning Checklist

July Cleaning Checklist

August Cleaning Checklist

September Cleaning Checklist

October Cleaning Checklist

November Cleaning Checklist

December Cleaning Checklist














Great to frame behind a frame (this one is inexpensive from Ikea.)  We use a whiteboard marker (expo) and check off each item as it is finished. You could give points or prizes for each item finished, or you could use the calendar to assign tasks.

Free printable monthly calendars for cleaning | frame each month for assigning chores VeryValerie- wall calendar


For a great reminder of where you found these & reprint next year, Pin this to your Pinterest board! —-> 

Free monthly printables for home cleaning, clean house, idea, help family, reminder



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