Whole30 meal plans and recipes

Need some help planning your meals on Whole30?

After a few years of an annual January Whole30, I thought I would share a few more of our favorite meals & recipes that are compliant with Whole30.  The audio book of It Starts With Food – is great to buy, so you can re-listen to it in future years and brush up.  In case you forgot, the short of it is:
No Sugar
No Dairy
No Grains
No Legumes
No Alcohol

I am all about simple meals and spreading out the work, so if that sounds like your style then keep reading.   Just meal planning on Whole30 can be time consuming, plus the shopping (label reading) and then cooking.  Therefore, I create meal plans where you don’t have to cook more than one thing per day – but that means you’ll be making a big batch of something and eating off of it (the same thing) for a few days.  You can’t do a Whole 30 without cooking (or it is expensive) but this is an option for less cooking.

I’ve got recipes from my first Whole30 here.

My 3 week Whole30 meal plan

Meal Plan – Week 1 
prep before day 1 – cook: Curried cauliflower soup in instant pot (FYI it freezes well & I double the recipe) [Bonus points – while your food processor is out, shred the sweet potatoes for tomorrow’s casserole & refrigerate.]

Day 1
AM – eggs with mushrooms  & avocado
Lunch – Curry Curry cauliflower soup- Whole30– [a thick soup that I add salt to]
Dinner – tacos on lettuce wrap (use Rotel for “Salsa” – canned food aisle) 
Cooking: egg/ sweet potato casserole (I leave out the nutmeg) 
Day 2
AM- egg/sweet potato casserole
Lunch – cauliflower soup & chicken [get some protein]
Dinner – hamburgers on lettuce & sweet potato “fries”
cooking: sweet potato fries  & chicken with fresh garlic (cook several for next few days)
Day 3
AM- egg/sweet potato casserole or apple chicken sausages
Lunch – cauliflower soup & chicken with fresh garlic
Dinner – sweet potato “fries” & steak
cooking: steak at dinner 
Day 4
AM- egg/sweet potato casserole
Lunch – cauliflower soup & chicken with fresh garlic
Dinner – Spaghetti squash & apple chicken sausages (Walmart carries non-named brand for $3)
cooking: spaghetti squash , lunch chicken with garlic, & pan cook apple chicken sausages  
Day 5
AM- egg/sweet potato casserole
Lunch – cauliflower soup & chicken
Dinner – Spaghetti squash & pan cooked scallops
cook: scallops (frozen bag at Trader Joe’s is often good value) 
cook: Truffle Chicken salad – & scallops 
Day 6
AM- egg/sweet potato casserole
Lunch – Truffle Chicken salad
Dinner – acorn squash & pan cooked shrimp with fresh garlic  (or butternut squash)
cook: acorn squash  
Day 7
AM- egg/sweet potato casserole
Dinner – Taco Bowls- Whole30 with avocado
cooking: Taco bowl – seasoned beef & onions 
prep for next week: Beef & Basil Tomato soup 

Meal Plan – Week 2   – time to check the HANGOVER timeline. 
Day 8 
AM- eggs with diced tomatoes  & avocado
Lunch – Truffle Chicken & apple salad
Dinner – Beef & Basil Soup
cook: eggs in AM.
Day 9 
AM- Egg omelette with mushrooms  & avocado
Lunch -Truffle Chicken & apple salad
Dinner – Beef & Basil Tomato Soup
cook: eggs in AM
Day 10 
Lunch –  Beef & Basil Tomato Soup
Dinner – Spicy Shrimp & zucchini noodles
cook: Thai Coconut Soup & shrimp with zucchini  (double the soup recipe) 
Day 11
AM- Eggs with bacon (compliant bacon only)
Lunch –  Thai Coconut Soup
Dinner – Steak (or chicken) with Beets/Carrots/onions
cook: Chicken or steak, & Baked Root veggies: Beets, Carrots & Onions 
Day 12
Lunch – Thai Coconut Soup
Dinner – Steak with Beets/Carrots/onions
cook: steak at dinner time 
Meal Plan – Week 3 
Day 13
Lunch –  Thai Coconut Soup
Dinner – Steak Taco Bowl
cook: steak & onions for taco bowl
Day 14 
Lunch – Pan cook frozen shrimp &
Dinner – Butternut Squash Quiche
cook: Butternut Squash Quiche 
Day 15 
AM- Fresh Omelette & avocado
Lunch – Butternut Squash Quiche
Dinner – Pan seared scallops & pan cooked spinach
cook: Scallops (from your frozen Trader Joes scallop bag) 
Day 16
Lunch – Butternut Squash Quiche  / add spiralized sweet potatoes if carbs are needed
Dinner – Steak & sweet potato “fries”
Day 17
AM-  Spaghetti Squash Breakfast casserole
Lunch – Taco Bowl
Dinner –
cook: Beef & Onions for Taco Bowl 
I usually do a Whole 30 in January. I find that I go out less in January and it’s easier to do the 30 days when you don’t have a lot of group events or eating out events with friends. Because it is winter- you’ll notice I have a lot of soup in the meal plan… but it’s also a nice way to have a lot of flavors in one meal so that it doesn’t feel like a diet. Hope you find this helpful, maybe I’ll add the grocery lists for each week soon.
Be careful not to over buy on grocery shopping – especially that first week. It is easy to grab everything that you know is whole30 compliant and then have way too much. Fresh items go bad quickly and you want to protect your budget.
You can’t cheat on a Whole30 – it is 30 straight days or it didn’t happen.  It’s kind of great that way. With that in mind – you’ll need these Whole30 snack items on hand for emergency running-out-the-door moments and for those times when you’re hungry between meals…

Essential Snack List on Whole 30:

Essential snacks to keep on hand during your Whole30

1. LaraBars, Epic, or RX bars (most but not all are Whole30)
2. Dried dates or Figs (costco is a good option)
3. Boiled Eggs (buy the pre-made ones at the grocery store)
4. Nuts – almonds or pecans  (put in pre-made bags since they are calorie heavy)
5. Fruit – keep apples, bananas and oranges out
6. Coconut Chips
My Whole30 pinterest board can be found here: www.pinterest.com/veryvalerie/whole30 
Comment below with questions, helpful tips or encouragement!

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